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Armand Candea

Welcome to a website dedicated to the accomplished career of Armand Candea, co-founder of Chicago real-estate development firm Candea Development. After working in the construction and real estate industries for many years, Armand Candea and his brother Alan Candea decided to pursue building their own development firm, and in 2006, this dream was realized. Over the years, the brothers have built both commercial and residential properties in many neighborhoods within the greater Chicago areas, such as Andersonville, Ravenswood, and Lakeview.

When Candea Development was first founded, Armand decided to build the business around several unique tenants. One of these tenants was the concept that their residents should thoroughly enjoy their neighborhood and be an asset to the area they lived in. For this to become possible, all Candea properties must be within walkable neighborhoods and add value to local residents. The brothers believe that a residence within walking distance to public transportation, restaurants, shopping, and parks ensures their residents can fully appreciate their neighborhood and be more tied to the community and local businesses.

Another tenant that Armand and Alan enforce within their firm is that their properties must have adequate space for their residents. By buying only extra-wide lots, Mr. Candea can ensure each of his residents have spread-out floor plans and outdoor space. Finally, as a Chicago native, Armand Candea has grown up with an appreciation for Chicago’s diverse architecture. For this reason, when purchasing property to develop, Mr. Candea insists that as much of the original characteristics and structure of the original building be kept.

While today Candea Properties is a successful and thriving Chicago business, Armand Candea understands the difficulties of entering the real-estate development sector as well as starting your own business. To this end, Mr. Candea hopes to use this site to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and property developers on various aspects of real-estate, real-estate development, and business ownership.

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